Colston Hall is a centuries-old farmhouse that was built over 500 years ago.

The structure was dated by examining the roofing techniques used. The tall part of the house has a pegged and dowelled roof, dating it to the early 16th century. The lower part features some early nails, which began to appear in the later 16th century.

The stables, barns and granary were added later, right up to the Victorian era.

Colston Hall today

Today, Colston Hall is owned and managed by John and Liz Bellefontaine.

We first came here around 20 years ago. We developed the half-derelict farmhouse into the bed and breakfast accommodation, taking the opportunity to transform this ancient building into a modern, comfortable place to stay.

Later, we added more B&B rooms in the stables, before redeveloping a brick barn and granary into self-catering accommodation.

We’ve aimed to create a tranquil and comfortable place to stay, while remaining totally true to the original character of the buildings.

We’re always happy to answer any questions about Colston Hall and the surrounding area, so if you’re thinking of visiting, please do get in touch.

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